France To Temporarily Stop New Photovoltaic Projects


Following a meeting with key cabinet members, French Prime Minister Francois Fillon has announced that the country will temporarily halt the registration of new PV projects. Domestic installations under 3 kW will not be affected by the ruling.

The photovoltaic market in France has developed much more rapidly than anticipated, creating the need to take action in order to prevent a market bubble, Fillon explained.

A new framework designed to restore market balance, control consumers' electricity prices and support the attainment of certain PV goals – most notably, 500 MW of new projects per year – is expected to be launched in March 2011. The freeze on new projects will be in effect until the new framework is implemented.

Fillon also announced new efforts to develop innovative clean-energy technologies in France, in order to both meet domestic demand and export products. The Agency for the Environment and Energy Management is expected to issue two requests for expressions of interest – one for PV and one for concentrating solar power – by the end of the year.Â

SOURCE: Office Of Prime Minister Francois Fillon

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