Freepoint Notches Solar Project Milestones in the Northeast


Freepoint Solar LLC and Freepoint Energy Solutions LLC say they have commenced residential and small commercial solar service for customers in Greene County, N.Y., from their 7 MW solar facility in Coxsackie, N.Y., and completed pre-construction development for their 5 MW solar project in Richmond, R.I.

The Coxsackie project, which has been developed on a 32-acre parcel of land southwest of town, will serve approximately 650 residential and small commercial customers across Central Hudson’s service territory. Annual payments totaling approximately $1 million will be distributed to the Coxsackie-Athens Central School District, with portions also paid to Greene County and the Town of Coxsackie.

Woodville Solar will comprise approximately 12,600 solar panels installed on an abandoned turf farm. The project has received all required permits for construction and operation of the facility, and it will participate in the Rhode Island Renewable Energy Growth Program, administered by Rhode Island Energy.

“The Coxsackie and Woodville projects are a subset of our 300 MW advanced development portfolio serving wholesale, utility and mass market customers throughout the Northeast,” says Peter Ford, managing director of Freepoint Solar. “We are pleased to provide our Central Hudson mass market customers with renewable energy service, in addition to guaranteed savings off their utility bills.”

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