Freescale Unveils New Power Conversion Tech For Solar Applications


Freescale Semiconductor, a supplier of analog and power management integrated circuits (ICs), says it has developed an advanced, ultra-low-voltage DC-to-DC converter technology that enables industry-leading solar cell start-up and operating performance and efficiency at levels as low as 0.32 V, as well as operation down to 0.25 V.

Most ICs cannot start up at voltages less than the typical turn-on voltage of a transistor (approximately 0.7 V) without external assistance. This limitation reduces system design options and increases the complexity of power conversion and energy-recovery applications involving ultra-low voltages.

According to the company, Freescale's power conversion technology enables IC start-up thresholds to be reduced to 0.32 V and efficiencies of nearly 90%. This technology breakthrough can enable practical and cost-effective ways to develop a wide range of single-cell solar power systems and other energy-harvesting applications, such as thermoelectric and mechanical scavenging systems.

Freescale Semiconductor: (512) 895-2795

SOURCE: Freescale Semiconductor

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