Fronius USA Debuts Residential Inverter


Fronius USA has introduced the Fronius Galvo, a Wi-Fi-enabled, lightweight, residential inverter.

According to Fronius, the system features a low-profile design, the Fronius SolarWeb monitoring portal and Fronius smartphone apps. The company says the Fronius Galvo with SuperFlex provides a wide voltage window that allows for flexibility in string design.

The Fronius Galvo inverter with SuperFlex also offers configuration flexibility, making it suitable for private homes, small PV systems and customers looking to keep energy consumption low, Fronius notes.

The company adds that the inverter supports various functions for controlling real and reactive power. For example, voltage and frequency-dependent power manipulation in periods of grid overload will prevent the Fronius Galvo from switching off, relieving stress on the grid and safeguarding inverter energy yield.

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