Fronius USA Launches IG Plus Solar PV Inverters


Fronius USA LLC has unveiled its latest product line of grid-connected PV inverters: the IG Plus.

The IG Plus inverter series includes a built-in, six-string circuit combiner and is compatible with all module configurations. IG Plus product features include three efficiency peaks utilizing an automatic transformer switching function, optimized Module-Manager software and a ventilation design that minimizes disruptive ambient factors.

Also, the IG Plus series features a new power-plug system that allows for easy installation and service, and the inverters come complete with an approved, built-in, lockable and load-breakable DC disconnect. The complete IG Plus series comprises a total of nine devices that cover a power class range from 3 kW to 12 kW.

Fronius USA: (810) 844-2785

SOURCE: Fronius

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