FSU Receives Grant To Develop Solar-Wind Energy Project


Frostburg State University's (FSU) Department of Physics and Engineering recently received a grant from the Maryland Energy Administration that will allow the university to build a solar and wind energy system on one of its buildings.

The system will include a wind turbine (35 feet to 45 feet tall) and photovoltaic solar panels to supply energy to the building. The purpose of the project is to develop educational outreach programs that will explore the possibilities of harvesting wind and solar energy in western Maryland. Dr. Oguz Soysal, chair of the physics and engineering department, will direct the new project, which will include hands-on research opportunities for faculty, staff and students.

In addition, FSU will also administer the Maryland State Anemometer Loan Program, which supplies anemometers (wind meters) to residents interested in installing them on their properties.

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