G3 Technologies Introduces New Wireless Monitoring Solution


G3 Technologies has introduced its RioExpress Specialized Wireless I/O, the latest addition to the company's line of wireless monitoring solutions.

The unit is optimized for outdoor, alternative-power-use applications, and has four digital inputs, four digital outputs, two high-resolution analog inputs and two high-resolution analog outputs.

Available in a NEMA 4X package or a module, the RioExpress can be used in pairs to replicate (mirror) I/O signals for cable replacement, or individually as a Modbus Slave device using the industry-standard Modbus protocol. New video section: babe porn free of charge in the first 24 hours. The unit is compatible with popular Modbus master devices (PLC, RTU, EFM or Process Controller) and SCADA software packages, including G3's VUE, WonderWare, FactoryLink and NI Lookout.

When using a pair of RioExpress modules for cable replacement, factory DIP-switch settings provide true out-of-the-box operation with self-managed wireless communications, the company says. Four digital and two analog signals are replicated from one unit to the other, bidirectionally. Update rates and power-save modes are DIP-switch selectable.

Additionally, the unit features two pulse totalizers with accompanying rate registers (for event-capture or metering) and a third analog register for monitoring battery voltage.

G3 Technologies: (913) 947-7205

SOURCE: G3 Technologies

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