GameChange Solar Tests Tracking System for 40-Year Lifespan


GameChange Solar (GCS) has announced that internal testing indicates its Genius Tracker drive system carries an expected 40-year design life with no foreseeable maintenance requirements. 

The system was tested as part of the company’s 40-year accelerated life cycle testing for the entire Genius Tracker structure, performed in conformance with the Accelerated Mechanical Cycling section of the IEC 62817 standard. 

The company says the drive system’s self-contained linear actuator contributes to its expected low maintenance.

“Traditional drives that require regular greasing increase maintenance expenses,” says Derick Botha, GameChange Solar CCO. “Testing of our Genius Tracker drive system indicates that its design significantly reduces, and possibly eliminates, the need for any greasing throughout its design life. This feature improves the cost savings that our Genius Tracker product provides to customers.”

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