Gamesa Electric Rolls Out New Solutions For U.S. Solar Market


Gamesa Electric has introduced new solar inverter and energy storage solutions designed for the U.S. market.

The new Gamesa Electric PV 3400U inverter, which offers a high power of 3.4 MVA, includes an advanced cooling system (liquid and air) and a compact design.

In addition, the company’s new PV Station 3400U medium-voltage plug-and-play solution offers a skid configuration, an inverter, a pad-mounted transformer and auxiliary cabinets.

For energy storage applications with DC-coupled topology, Gamesa Electric has developed a 500 kW DC-DC converter that connects on one side to the battery bank and on the other to the PV 3400U solar inverter. It is designed to allow modularity and flexibility for maximum energy production from solar panels, the company says.

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