GDF SUEZ Donates RECs To New England Aquarium


GDF SUEZ Energy Resources has donated renewable energy certificates (RECs) to the New England Aquarium in Boston.

This is the seventh consecutive year the company has donated RECs to the nonprofit. The gift matches 100% of the aquarium's estimated annual electricity usage.

Each Green-e REC represents the environmental attributes or benefits associated with a specific quantity of energy generated from a renewable source, such as solar or wind.

‘Environmental preservation is in the very fabric of our educational programs, events and exhibits, so it's only natural that our energy strategy reflects that same commitment,’ says Nigella Hillgarth, president and CEO of the New England Aquarium. ‘With the ongoing support of GDF SUEZ Energy Resources, we are able to remain steadfast in our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and drive greater awareness of the importance of environmental sustainability.’

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