GE Brilliance Solar Inverter Receives UL Certification


GE says its Brilliance solar inverter has been certified by CSA to UL standards.

The 1 MW Brilliance solar inverter passed a series of tests to become certified under UL 1741 and CSA 22.2 No. 107.1-0. Although UL 1741 certification is common for 600 VDC inverters, GE's 1 MW solar inverter is one of the first inverters rated for 1,000 VDC to have achieved this certification, according to the company.

Factors that are tested in the process include how the inverter responds to extreme environmental conditions, including temperature, as well as voltage and grid fluctuations that the equipment might experience in the field. GE's inverters the tests by demonstrating full reactive power capability and full power operation at extreme temperature and grid conditions, the company adds.

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