GE Opens Electric Vehicle Solar Carport In Conn.


GE Energy Industrial Solutions has inaugurated the GE Electric Vehicle (EV) Solar Carport in Plainville, Conn.

The GE EV Solar Carport, a demonstration of the larger rollout that GE envisions for renewable energy within the EV ecosystem, produces the energy equivalent to power 20 homes per year, according to the company. With greater than a 25-year lifespan, the carport will annually deliver 125 MWh via 100 kW DC power.

GE Energy Industrial Solutions partnered with Inovateus Solar LLC, a national solar power distributor and integrator, to install the carport. The companies use solar energy and smart grid technology to fully charge up to 13 EVs per day via six Level 2 GE EV Charging Stations and to power the overhead lighting in the parking lot.

The carport incorporates GE's infrastructure technology, utilizing GE EverGold* safety switches and GE combiner boxes, along with the GE EV charging stations.

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