GE Supplying CSP Steam Turbines For Spanish Plants


GE Oil & Gas says it has used its petrochemical industry steam turbine technology expertise to aid in the commercialization of the first GE 50 MW steam turbines developed for large-scale parabolic-trough concentrating solar power (CSP) applications.

Three GE Oil & Gas 50 MW turbine units will be deployed by Acciona Energy by the end of March for two solar power projects in Spain. One unit will be deployed at the new CSP plant in Majadas, Spain, and two will be deployed at the company's Palma del Rio, Sevilla, facilities.

The projects mark the first time that GE has designed CSP trains with generators located between two steam turbines – a reheat configuration to increase the overall cycle efficiency and systems' capacity, the company says. The technology features a layout configuration that is able to combine steam turbine optimized efficiency and an overall cycle efficiency above 39%.

SOURCE: GE Oil & Gas

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