Genasun Offering GV-3 Solar Charge Controller


Genasun LLC has released the GV-3 solar charge controller, specially engineered for remote solar-powered devices connected to batteries, such as parking pay-stations, highway signs or remote monitoring and sensing equipment.

The GV-3 implements maximum power point tracking (MPPT) and has extremely low operating consumption, resulting in significant gains in energy efficiency, Genasun says.

MPPT typically delivers power gains of 10% to 30%, but these gains can be offset by the operating power consumption of other MPPT controllers. Genasun says its advances in low operating consumption allow the GV-3 to deliver noticeable power gains on solar panels from the very small to 40 W.

The GV-3 builds on Genasun's existing GV product line, which serves a range of battery voltages and solar panel sizes in various applications.

Genasun: (617) 369-0733

SOURCE: Genasun

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