General Motors Adds Four Solar Projects


Empower Energies, which recently changed its name from ViSole Energy Inc., has announced the completion of four new photovoltaic solar projects at the General Motors Warren Technical Center campus, located in Warren, Mich. The installations include a ground-mounted solar array and three solar electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.

‘General Motors is committed to promoting the use of 125 MW of renewable energy by 2020, which includes solar installations,’ says Rob Threlkeld, GM's manager of renewable energy. ‘As the leading automotive user of solar power, we understand the importance of solar projects like this, and we continue to work with companies such as Empower Energies to activate new projects at our facilities around the globe.’

The newest installation is a 49 kW ground-mounted array situated on the north side of the pond adjacent to the GM Vehicle Engineering Center. The three EV charging stations now operational on the Warren Tech Center campus are located in parking areas adjoining the Vehicle Engineering Center and the Advanced Engineering Center, and they enable Chevy Volt-owning GM employees to power-up their vehicles.

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