Georgia Power Adds More Solar Options


Atlanta-based Georgia Power, a subsidiary of Southern Co., has received approval from the Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) to modify its Green Energy program, thus giving customers more solar options.

The program has been redesigned to include the following options: Premium Green Energy will now contain 50% solar energy at a cost of $5.00/100 kWh block. The option previously cost $4.50/100 kWh block and contained 10% solar energy.

Under the revised program, the Standard Green Energy, Large Volume Purchase and Special Events Purchase options remain unchanged.

In addition to these changes, the PSC also granted approval for Georgia Power to raise the solar capacity cap under its Renewable Non Renewable (RNR) tariff from 1.5 MW to 2.5 MW. The company will now purchase solar energy from customers through this tariff at a new price of $0.17/kWh.

Georgia Power and the PSC worked together to develop a new mechanism that will automatically raise the solar capacity cap as participation in the Green Energy program grows, the utility adds. Under this mechanism, for every 219 blocks of Premium Green Energy that are purchased by customers, Georgia Power will purchase an additional 100 kW of solar energy through the RNR tariff.Â

Changes to Georgia Power's redesigned Green Energy program and RNR tariff will go into effect June 1.

SOURCE: Georgia Power

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