Georgia Power Requests Solar Energy Sources


Georgia Power has announced a request for proposals (RFP) for up to 1 MW of renewable energy powered by solar photovoltaic resources. The energy will be used as a resource for Georgia Power's Green Energy program.

Georgia Power says it seeks competitive proposals that will offer exceptional value to the company and its Green Energy program participants. The company is seeking solar PV generating systems of at least 100 kW under a contract term of 10 years. Georgia Power will accept bids up to $0.15/kWh including interconnection costs.

The solar energy for the RFP is needed on or before June 1, 2012. Proposed facilities may not be net metered and must be connected either to Georgia Power's transmission or distribution grid or the integrated transmission system. Generators must sell 100% of the solar output of the facility to Georgia Power, and all solar energy proposals must satisfy the criteria of the Green-e Energy National Standard for Renewable Electricity Products, the utility adds.  Â

More information about the RFP is available here.

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