Geostellar Launches Solar Mojo Solar Energy Marketplace App


Geostellar has introduced its Solar Mojo mobile app that enables U.S. consumers to compare solar installation and financing plans using the company's online solar marketplace.

Geostellar says its Solar Mojo app provides access to the inventory of solar equipment distributors and has tools that fits solar panel layouts to individual rooftops; models the energy production, environmental and economic benefits of solar energy; presents qualified solar installers; and compares financing options. Users enter an address and the average cost of their monthly electricity bills. Homeowners can view the details of each solar energy plan, including upfront costs, ongoing payments, incentives and savings on electricity bills, the company says.

For customers who choose ownership options, Geostellar says it qualifies solar equipment manufacturers and installers for their ability to service both material and workmanship warranties. Each solar energy plan describes the liability insurance coverage; licensing and experience of the solar installer; the specifications, efficiency and performance guarantees of the equipment; and the cash flow associated with all payments, incentives and savings on electricity costs on each solar plan.

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