Geostellar Raises Funds For Solar Measurement Tech


Geostellar, a provider of geomatic technology designed to determine the value of solar energy generation for property owners, says it has closed investments from several sources, including NRG Energy Inc., GeoEye Inc., the State of Maryland and Flash Forward Ventures.

The funding is expected to help accelerate the delivery of Geostellar's solar intelligence to homeowners and corporate facility managers. The product allows potential solar installation owners to evaluate the rate of return for on-site solar energy investments.

Geostellar's technology is designed to help these customers estimate the slope and orientation of a rooftop or ground site; estimate the impact of shading from vegetation, structures and landscape on solar radiation; model power production based on site geometry and shading, as well as possible equipment configurations; apply utility rates and available incentives to determine solar cost savings; underwrite financing options such as leases, power purchase agreements and loans; and secure permits and rebates from local authorities.

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