Geostellar Releases Solar Energy Simulation Platform


Geostellar has unveiled what the company says is the first complete solar energy simulation platform for residential-, commercial- and utility-scale power generation.

Geostellar says that the platform, which will be used by energy companies to determine solar power generation potential at a given location, employs algorithms to model every meter of entire cities, counties, states, countries and continents for rooftop and ground-based energy production opportunities.

Geostellar is currently piloting the platform with select solar power developers, public administrators, property owners, and utilities in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and Southwest U.S., with additional resources, regions and applications to be launched soon.

The energy data is delivered through standard Web services and interfaces, Google Earth, mobile devices and a full-featured Geographic Information System, making the data and features available for a variety of applications in engineering, project development and finance.

SOURCE: Geostellar

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