German Manufacturer Takes First Step Into The U.S. Solar Industry


ErSol Solar Energy AG, a manufacturer located in Germany that produces mono- and multi-crystalline silicon solar cells, has completed its first major contract in the U.S. with PowerLight Corp., a Berkeley, Calif.-based provider of large-scale solar power systems.

In the medium-term, five-year contract, ErSol will deliver solar cells to PowerLight Corp. In the process, the agreement gives the ErSol group a chance to grow and further develop into the U.S.

‘In PowerLight Corporation – a leader in proven, large-scale, world-class PV systems – we have won our first major U.S. customer,’ states Claus Beneking, ErSol's chief executive officer. ‘This provides a powerful boost to our strategy of gaining a foothold in the U.S. market.’

The total volume of the new contract amounts to approximately 100 million euros (127 million U.S. dollars). At PowerLight's option, up to an additional 37 million euros (47 million U.S. dollars) of PV cells will be provided, the companies add.

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