German Parliament, Federal States Reach Compromise On Solar Subsidies


The German Parliament and federal states have reached an agreement on the country's planned cuts to solar project funding. Under the terms of the compromise, the subsidies will be cut in two separate phases, according to a report from EuPD Research.

The feed-in-tariff reductions will remain at their agreed-upon levels. Retroactive to July 1, the cuts will be set at 13% for rooftop systems, 12% for open-space systems and 8% for surfaces designated for land-use change. The three tariffs will be decreased by an additional three percentage points on Oct. 1.

The German Bundestag and Bundesrat are expected to agree to the compromise this week, EuPD Research says. Meanwhile, planned elimination of subsidies for farmland projects in July will go forward as planned.

SOURCE: EuPD Research

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