German Parliament Seeks To Limit Solar Incentive Reductions To 10%


Germany's Bundesrat – its upper house of parliament – has adopted a resolution calling for upcoming cuts to solar incentives that go into effect July 10 to be limited to a maximum of 10%.

The Bundesrat also urged the government to ensure Germany's photovoltaic technology research sector remains strong by increasing the level of funding received.

The upper house represents the governments of 16 German states, including several that host large solar production plants. It has no actual power to delay or halt the government's plans for a 16% incentive reduction, Reuters reports.

Nevertheless, ‘This is a strong signal of the states against the federal government,’ Carsten Koernig, managing director of German solar energy industry association Bundesverband Solarwirtschaft eV, told Reuters, adding that the news brings hope to Germany's solar sector.

SOURCES: Bundesrat, Reuters

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