Germany Vows To Enter ‘The Age Of Renewables’ With Planned Nuclear Shutdown


German Chancellor Angela Merkel, along with cabinet members, has announced an accelerated energy plan for the country. Under the plan, all nuclear power stations in Germany will be shut down by 2022, as the country ‘aims to enter the age of renewables as quickly as possible.’

‘The resolution is absolutely clear,’ the announcement states. ‘There is no loophole that would allow power stations to operate beyond this cut-off date in order to deliver agreed-upon electricity quotas.’

As the nuclear facilities are decommissioned, Germany will increase its percentage of energy generated from solar energy and other renewable energy sources. The target is to raise the percentage from 17% today to 35% in 2020. For this to be achieved, the new energies must be reliable and marketable, the government adds.

‘We need an entirely new architecture for our energy system and energy supply for the electricity of the future,’ Merkel stated.

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