Germany’s Leaders Plan “Modest” Feed-In-Tariff Cuts


Conservative and Free Democrat policy-makers in Germany plan to alter the country's Renewable Energy Act (EEG), but their planned cuts to the solar feed-in tariff are not expected to be severe.

‘We're not going to take an axe to the EEG, and we obviously won't agree to any changes that would damage such an important sector,’ a source recently told Reuters. ‘Any cut in feed-in tariffs will be modest – not anywhere near as high [as] some are suggesting.’ The cut may be approximately 15%.

Some earlier reports indicated that the government leaders were planning to cut state-mandated feed-in tariffs by as much as 30% – which caused share prices of Germany-based solar companies, including Solarworld, Conergy and Q-Cells, to drop, Reuters adds.

SOURCE: Reuters

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