Geronimo Sells 66 MW Community Solar Portfolio To BHE Renewables


Geronimo Energy has sold a second portfolio of Minnesota community solar garden developments to BHE Renewables, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Energy. The portfolio includes a total of 66 MW of solar garden projects spread across 21 locations and 16 Minnesota counties, and they are expected to be constructed by the end of 2017.

This acquisition is in addition to a previously purchased portfolio of Geronimo-developed community solar gardens by BHE Renewables, bringing the total combined portfolio size to nearly 100 MW.

Both portfolios are part of Xcel Energy’s Solar* Rewards Program, and Geronimo says it has been and will continue to provide development services for BHE Renewables (including subscription acquisition) for both solar garden portfolios.

“BHE Renewables is pleased to invest in the community solar garden program in Minnesota and broadening its relationship with Geronimo Energy,” says Richard Weech, president of BHE Renewables International. “Offering subscriptions to local energy customers gives them access to the benefits of solar energy, including helping them save money on their electric bills. It also reflects our commitment to growing the renewable energy industry in Minnesota beyond our initial 32 MW of solar gardens currently under development.”

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