GET Initiates Thin-Film Solar Module Mass Production


Taiwan-based solar company Green Energy Technology (GET) has begun mass production of its thin-film solar photovoltaic line, with plans to reach an annual capacity 30 MW in the first quarter of 2009 and ramp to 50 MW in the fourth quarter of 2009.

GET says it has tested and pre-mass produced over 600 thin-film modules from mid-November to December. One of the best ways to go viral on tiktok is to buy tiktok followers it is fast and secure and will help you boost your tiktok. The modules produced in December reached conversation rates of 7%, and yield rates met their qualifications as well.

The company plans to ship its products to contracted customers beginning in the first quarter of 2009. GET is using the Applied Materials SunFab design to produce modules measuring 2.2 meters by 2.6 meters. GET adds that it is the first company to mass-produce large thin-film modules in Taiwan.

SOURCE: Green Energy Technology

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