GlassPoint And Petroleum Development Oman Break Ground On Novel CSP Facility


GlassPoint Solar has broken ground on the Miraah solar project for Petroleum Development Oman (PDO).

In July, the two companies announced a deal to build a trough-based concentrating solar power (CSP)Â system that, at its peak output, is expected top generate in excess of 1 GW of solar thermal energy. The project, located at the Amal oil field in southern Oman, will use the thermal energy to produce steam used in heavy oil production.

GlassPoint encloses its CSP arrays in greenhouses to protect the delicate parabolic mirrors from the elements. Miraah will be 100 times larger than GlassPoint's solar pilot facility at the site, which has been operating for nearly three years.

‘PDO is proud to lead the industry in deploying innovative solutions that allow us to develop our heavy oil while at the same time reduce our energy consumption and our costs,’ says Raoul Restucci, managing director of PDO. ‘Miraah will provide a substantial amount of the steam demand at Amal, reducing our reliance on natural gas to make steam. The gas saved can be used by other industries to support Oman's diversification and economic growth strategies.’

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