Global Demand For Solar Polysilicon To Increase 25% This Year


Demand for polysilicon used in solar and semiconductor applications is expected to rise sharply to 282,000 metric tons this year, up 25% versus last year, according to a new report from NPD Solarbuzz.

The growth in demand for polysilicon is being driven by the rapid increase in end-market solar photovoltaic module shipments, which are now expected to reach approximately 49 GW this year, NPD Solarbuzz says. Despite improved manufacturing efficiency that uses less polysilicon per solar wafer, robust end-market solar PV demand continues to drive polysilicon production levels, the report says.

‘Solar supply chain companies have lowered the number of grams-per-watt by reducing wafer thickness and kerf loss, increasing yields in all manufacturing steps, reducing module loss and continuously raising panel efficiency,’ says Charles Annis, vice president at NPD Solarbuzz.

Cost reduction will remain an important priority across the entire PV supply chain in order to increase profitability this year and stimulate increased end market demand in future years, NPD Solarbuzz says.

For more information about the report, click here.

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