Global Solar Achieves 10 Percent Average Production-Run CIGS Efficiency


Global Solar Energy (GSE), a manufacturer of CIGS thin-film solar products, says it has achieved an average solar cell efficiency of 10% on flexible/lightweight substrates over several production runs.

‘We are proud to have reached such an important efficiency milestone – one on which we intend to improve to help meet the renewable-energy demands of our customers, partners and distributors worldwide in 2008,’ comments Mike Gering, CEO of Global Solar Energy.

‘A number of CIGS thin-film companies have exceeded 10 percent efficiency in the lab or in individual cells, but achieving 10 percent average solar cell efficiency over the course of several sustained, continuous production runs is a significant achievement,’ adds Dr. Jeffrey Britt, vice president of technology. ‘This is the culmination of three full years of being in production and evolving our proprietary production techniques to continuously improve the efficiency and output of our production.’

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