Global Solar Introduces PowerFlex Solar Strings


Global Solar Energy has launched its PowerFlex Solar Strings product, which provide a pre-connected format to integrate copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS) thin-film solar cells.

Global Solar says the new offering delivers the industry's first drop-in replacement solar strings, making it easy for product and module companies to fit thin-film cells into their manufacturing processes. Also, because Global Solar's CIGS cells are produced on a bendable substrate, manufacturers can take advantage of flexible solar material that is adaptable in shape and size.

‘As more companies enter the thin-film market, the technology will continue to create new innovations and possibilities for solar energy's future,’ says Mike Gering, president and CEO of Global Solar.

‘Our PowerFlex Solar Strings help harness this potential, driving thin-film adoption by delivering the only drop-in offering that makes the technology accessible to any interested original equipment manufacturer,’ he adds. ‘Global Solar is dedicated to helping expand the thin-film marketplace – growth that is essential if building-integrated photovoltaic products and the future of green buildings are to become a cost-effective and realistic option.’

Global Solar: (520) 546-6313

SOURCE: Global Solar

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