Go Green Solar Launches Contract Bidding Web Site


Go GreenSolar LLC has launched its online marketplace for buyers and renewable energy contractors to conduct trade – www.gogreensolar.com

According to the company, consumers can post a request for proposals for solar projects on its Web site, and contractors can compete for their business by posting bids and reducing their prices to win the auction. However, contractors must pay a 3% commission to Go Green Solar for the contract.

Although the site primarily caters to buyers, Deep Patel, Go Green Solar's president and chief executive officer, says that the site is not intended to undermine contractors. ‘Contractors have the power to determine how much they want to sell their service for,’ he says. ‘They are not forced to bid – they decide what their limit is.’

In addition, consumers can upload pictures, blueprints and roofing diagrams to assist contractors in making accurate bids. They can review contractor feedback and past projects before awarding a contract. At the same time, contractors have access to satellite and aerial surveying before bidding.

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