GoIndustry DoveBid Selling REC Group’s Solar Plant Equipment


London-based GoIndustry DoveBid, an industrial equipment reseller, has been appointed to handle the disposals of solar manufacturing equipment from Renewable Energy Corp. Group (REC) in Norway.

Three solar wafer and cell plants owned by REC have been placed on the global market, with a total estimated value of 50 million euros. REC announced in October it was closing its 500 MW capacity wafer plant at Heroya, its 275 MW wafer multi-plant in Glomfjord and its solar cell plant in Narvik, a 200 MW capacity site.

The equipment for sale is described as ‘state of the art’ – highly automated with low labor requirements and well maintained, GoIndustry DoveBid says. Some of the equipment was installed three years ago. The plants are available as a whole or in lots.

More information is available here.

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