GoodWe Debuts Utility-Scale String Inverter


GoodWe, a provider of solar products and energy solutions, has launched its new three-phase 1,500 V utility string inverter, the UT (320/350 kW).

The inverter is designed to meet the demands of large-scale power plants, offering high power efficiency, streamlined operation and maintenance (O&M), and reliable system stability, the company says. With this addition, GoodWe strengthens its utility portfolio by providing increased capacity and significantly reducing the levelized cost of energy (LCOE).

The series offers options of 12 MPPTs and 15 MPPTs and boasts a maximum efficiency of 99.01%. With a maximum string input current of 15/20A, it is compatible with bifacial modules, optimizing energy yields for power plants.

The UT series provides anti-potential induced degradation (PID) and PID-recovery functions, effectively mitigating energy losses caused by PID effects, especially in high-temperature and high-humidity conditions. With an IP66 rating and up to C5 protection, the inverter demonstrates resilience in harsh environments. The 320 kW UT can operate without derating for ambient temperature of up to 45 degrees Celsius.

Also, the use of mid-band power line communication technology decreases installation costs without extra communication wiring. The UT can also be equipped to compensate for reactive power during the nighttime to maintain the voltage stability of the system, eliminating the need for a costly external compensation system. Moreover, the inverter supports a low SCR of 1.0, ensuring the power plant remains stable even in weak grid conditions.

“With the introduction of the UT inverter, we have fortified our ability to meet the diverse requirements of EPCs, power plant developers and investors, assuring them a secure return on investment,” says Ron Shen, vice president of GoodWe. “Looking forward, GoodWe remains committed to advancing technological innovation, bringing a more bankable product portfolio and turnkey solutions for large-scale solar projects.”

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