Gossamer Receives Patent For Organic Connector Tech


The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued Patent Number 7,530,201 to Gossamer Space Frames, establishing the novelty of Gossamer's Organic Connector space frame technology.

Gossamer says its Organic Connector technology frees designers and engineers from many of the conventional limitations in double-layer grid-space frames, which are three-dimensional structures with advantageous load-distribution properties. These technologies are used in utility-scale solar projects and other structural, architectural and scientific applications.

Gossamer's Organic Connector was deployed in 2006 at Acciona Solar Power's Nevada Solar One project, a 64 MW concentrated solar power installation. Nevada Solar One utilizes more than 9,000 mirror trough frames that were designed and engineered by Gossamer, using its proprietary geometry that was, in turn, enabled by the Organic Connector technology.

According to Gossamer, compared to other frame designs tested for Nevada Solar One, Gossamer's mirror support frames used 30% less aluminum, producing a 30% reduction in frame weight, thereby lowering material, shipping and assembly costs; used 35% fewer components overall; used 80% fewer fasteners; required approximately one-third the time for field assembly; and allowed the mirrors to achieve a focusing accuracy 37% better than the competitors' designs, thereby achieving higher energy production rates.

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SOURCE: Gossamer Space Frames

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