Grape Solar Debuts High-Wattage Solar Modules In U.S. Market


Eugene, Ore.-based Grape Solar has expanded its portfolio of solar panels to include four new high-powered modules in its Platinum series, ranging from 395 W to 410 W. The large modules, which are all Underwriters Laboratories-certified, are designed to reduce racking hardware and installation labor costs on large commercial solar projects.

The Grape Solar Platinum series panels use 96 pieces of six-inch monocrystalline solar cells to boost power production by more than 70% over conventional 230 W modules. Higher-powered modules mean that installations will require 44% less panels, according to the company.

Each Platinum series panel weighs 78.2l lbs. and measures 77.2′ x 51.5′ and 1.57′ thick. These panels work with most standard inverters and are ideally suited to roof-mount and ground-mount applications, the company adds.

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