Green Energy Technology Certifies SunFab Line


Green Energy Technology Inc. Ltd. (GET) has certified its SunFab Thin Film Line, supplied by Applied Materials Inc., for the production of Taiwan's largest solar photovoltaic panels. The line, located in Tao Yuan, Taiwan, passed final acceptance testing with world-class panel efficiency, yield and throughput, according to Applied Materials.

Green Energy began pilot production of SunFab panels in late 2008. Less than five months later, GET has ramped to volume production level of full-size 5.7 square-meter SunFab panels suitable for applications such as large-scale commercial rooftop installations and solar farms.

‘Applied has a 20-year history of working with leading semiconductor and flat-panel display companies in Taiwan, and we are very pleased that our first SunFab certification in southeast Asia is with Green Energy,’ states Dr. Randhir Thakur, senior vice president and general manager of SunFab Thin Film Solar and Display Business Group at Applied Materials.

SOURCE: Applied Materials

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