Green Mountain Power Gets Nod For Vermont Solar Program


Green Mountain Power, a Vermont-based electric utility owned by Northern New England Energy Corp., says the Vermont Public Service Board has approved a program oriented toward accelerating the adoption of solar energy in the state.

The program, SolarGMP, will work in conjunction with existing net metering programs, in which Vermonters using solar power feed energy back into the grid when it is not needed in the home or business. Under the new solar rates program, customers will now be paid by Green Mountain Power for all solar energy generated at a rate of six cents per kilowatt hour above and beyond the 12 to 13 cents per kilowatt hour provided through net metering.

‘We are so pleased that our customers will now receive the appropriate financial incentive to install solar generation at their homes and businesses,’ says Mary Powell, incoming president and CEO of Green Mountain Power.

The new incentive rates are available to all Green Mountain Power customers connected to the electric grid. Customers must go through appropriate net meter permitting, meter installation and inspection to begin SolarGMP. Additional information is available at

SOURCE: Green Mountain Power

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