GreenMountain Introduces New Remote Power Design


San Francisco-based GreenMountain Engineering recently completed the design and testing of a new remote power device – the Solar in a Tube (SIAT).

According to the company, SIAT uses a 20 W roll-out flexible solar panel and a battery storage unit to provide power for aid workers, researchers and travelers in remote locations. The roll-up design allows for a larger surface area for solar cell charging. Other features include a 12 V LED light, a 120 V AC plug and 240 watt-hours of battery storage capacity – enough to run a laptop for over 10 hours, the company adds.

‘From our own experiences and those of our colleagues, we realized that the available remote power options didn't meet the needs of today's travelers and aid workers,’ says Tyler Palmer, GreenMountain's president.

GreenMountain says it is currently seeking opportunities to further develop SIAT. For more information on the product, contact the company at (415) 979-9794 or visit

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