GREENoneTEC Introduces Three New Solar Thermal Collector Models


GREENoneTEC, a provider of solar thermal collectors and mounting systems, has developed a series of new collectors. The FK9000 tray collector, which is manufactured using a special two-component adhesive on a robotic line, is selectively coated with an aluminum-copper serpentine absorber. In combination with a modular mounting system, the collector can be used for both flat-roof and pitched-roof installations.

The FK 8231 Mediterrano frame collector is a custom-designed collector for regions with maritime and desert-like conditions. It is equipped with a corrosion-resistant absorber, a highly selective coating to combat sea air and an optimized ventilation concept to keep out blowing sand, the company says.

The GK 3100 large-size collectors are manufactured in models measuring five square meters and 10 square meters. The special design of the absorber and strong performance data make these collectors ideal for large solar thermal systems, according to GREENoneTEC. The optimized mounting system permits time-saving installation by crane.

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