Greenwood Biosar Begins Construction Of 2.4 MW PV System In Vermont


Greenwood Biosar has commenced construction of a 2.4 MW photovoltaic system located 35 miles north of Burlington, Vt., for the Vermont Electric Cooperative (VEC).

Greenwood Biosar says it will install more than 9,900 PV panels across approximately 12 acres. The solar power plant is expected to generate approximately 2.965 GWh of electricity annually. The company anticipates the construction and interconnection of the solar installation will be completed in the fall of this year.

‘This project -one of the largest of its kind in Vermont- is an important effort to develop renewables here in Vermont,’ says VEC CEO David Hallquist.

As the hosting utility, VEC says it will interconnect the solar farm to the electric grid and will purchase a portion of the renewable generation output.

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