Grid Cloud Solutions Adds EA And EPC Services For RE


Grid Cloud Solutions Inc. says it has expanded its renewable energy development division by adding two services to its current offerings.

Environmental assessment (EA) management services and engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services are now offered to renewable energy developers, municipalities, communities, private-sector proponents, utility companies and government agencies involved in the development and deployment of renewable energy systems.

All EAs will be managed by a senior team member and may involve outsourcing terrestrial and aquatic biologists, hydrogeologists and/or environmental engineers. Public consultation is managed by an environmental planner. Grid Cloud Solutions will also engage its civil engineers to provide clients with process expertise, the company adds. A senior ecologist will provide full support by interacting with local conservation authorities and/or the Ministry of Northern Mines and Natural Resources in an effort to align government-mandated policies and regulations with project requirements.

Under the guidance of a civil engineer, Grid Cloud Solutions will also provide EPC services for the development and deployment of solar parks, wind farms and biomass facilities.

SOURCE: Grid Cloud Solutions

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