GT Releases Crystal Growth System, New Software


GT Advanced Technologies Inc. has announced the commercial availability of its DSS450 MonoCast crystal growth system, as well as its Acuity performance management solution.

The DSS450 MonoCast features new hardware and an automatic seed retention feature that eliminates dipping and operator intervention between melt and growth, thus helping to automate the process, GT explains. The technology is being offered first on GT's DSS450 and DSS450HP systems. Customers currently operating these DSS furnaces can migrate to the new DSS450 MonoCast system through a field upgrade.

The company has also announced the availability of its Acuity software, a performance management solution designed to allow operators to optimize the performance of GT's DSS family of crystal growth furnaces. The software monitors DSS production data, providing PV manufacturers with real-time insight into actual versus ideal equipment performance. By understanding these performance gaps, companies can make more informed decisions to ensure that DSS furnaces perform at optimal levels of efficiency run after run, GT explains.

The Acuity software allows manufacturers to establish key performance indicators that are most critical to achieving optimal performance of their DSS assets. DSS Acuity performance software offers such features as configurable KPI dashboards, historical trend analytics, remote monitoring of alarm data, detailed run-to-run performance data and recipe management.

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