GT Solar Debuts CVD Reactor For Polysilicon Production


GT Solar International Inc. has introduced the SDR400 CVD reactor for the production of high-purity polysilicon. The reactor can produce greater than 400 metric tons annually (MTA) of polysilicon and lowers electricity consumption by approximately 20% for each kilogram of polysilicon produced, compared to the company's previous generation reactor, the SDR300.

In addition, the company is partnering with Germany-based AEG Power Solutions to offer a new power supply developed by AEG, the Thryobox PI, that is designed to further enhance the output of the SDR400 reactor. The new power supply will be offered as an option to the standard SDR400 configuration and is targeted to increase annual polysilicon production to greater than 500 MTA.

Current GT Solar customers using previous generation reactors will be able to upgrade these systems to take advantage of the expected increased annual production output, the company adds.

SOURCE: GT Solar International Inc.

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