GT Solar Introduces Silane Production Package


GT Solar, a global provider of specialized equipment and technology for the solar power industry, has made available the silane production package, which is designed to enable companies in the semiconductor, solar and flat-panel display industries to secure their own source of ultra-pure silane gas using cost-effective, local production facilities.

‘Increased demand from the semiconductor, photovoltaic and flat-panel display industries has resulted in shortages of silane gas accompanied by rising prices,’ notes Dave Keck, vice president and general manager of GT Solar's polysilicon business. ‘As the need for silane gas continues to grow, companies around the globe are beginning to seek more secure solutions.’

GT Solar's new offering is a modular equipment solution and basic engineering package that enables companies to construct silane plants and begin delivering silane gas within 24 months, the company says. The package includes design, fabrication, quality control, training and technical support services, as well as a modular silane production plant, complete with piping, instrumentation and analytical equipment.

GT Solar: (406) 532-0120


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