GT Solar Releases DSS650 Ingot Growth System


GT Solar International Inc., a global provider of polysilicon production technology and sapphire and silicon crystalline growth systems and materials for the solar market, has launched the DSS650, the newest version of its multicrystalline ingot growth systems for PV.

The DSS650 produces ingots greater than 600 kg at a proven reliability level sufficient for high-volume commercial production, the company says. In addition to lowering ingot production costs, the new system helps manufacturers reduce the cost of wafer operations because the taller form factor of the bricks optimizes and improves the utilization of the wafer saw beam. This, in turn, improves yield by increasing the amount of good wafers produced, according to GT Solar.

The DSS650 also incorporates new changes to its proprietary hot zone technology, which are designed to improve system performance and control during the ingot growth process, as well as optimize the new process recipe required to produce larger ingots in high-volume PV production environments.


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