GWS Technologies Developing Solar Panel For Desert Climates


GWS Technologies Inc. says it is working with Shanghai Top Resources Import and Export Co. Ltd. and America China Technology Systems LLC in Shanghai, China, and the Shanghai Institute of Space Power Sources to develop a proprietary 210 W polycrystalline silicon solar panel. The unit is specifically adapted for commercial retrofits and the demanding climate of Arizona and the desert Southwest.

According to GWS Technologies, the panel is exceptionally lightweight with an aluminum frame designed for ease of installation. Each panel provides guaranteed power of 80% rated power output for 25 years and has a two year workmanship guarantee.

‘There's a perfect storm of federal tax credits, grants, state tax credits and utility incentive programs that have created a solar boom in the Southwest,’ says GWS Technologies President Richard Reincke. ‘Installing commercial solar systems makes economic sense.’

‘In Arizona, a 100 kW system that costs $100,000 can receive utility incentives of 35 percent, a federal tax credit of 30 percent, accelerated depreciation tax savings and long-term electricity production rebates – [all of] which reduce a business's net investment to under a third of the original outlay,’ he adds.

SOURCE: GWS Technologies Inc.

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