Hamlin Companies Creates Solar Energy Division


Hamlin Companies has launched Hamlin Energy Solutions, a division that designs and installs solar energy solutions for the commercial and industrial construction market. The division utilizes a six-step process for a turnkey solution when installing flexible, flat panel, building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) laminates that create a rooftop power generation system.

‘These BIPV laminates result in optimal solar performance with low installation and maintenance costs,’ says Will Hamlin, executive vice president of Hamlin Energy Solutions. ‘They are virtually indestructible because they are glass-free, and they can be directly adhered to many types of standard roofing material.’

The company says its systems offer significant LEED Points and a positive return on investment. In addition, Hamlin's BIPV technology integrates directly with existing roofing infrastructures, giving it a low installed life cycle cost per watt of power delivered, the company adds.

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