Hanas New Energy Group Begins Construction On CSP Plant


Hanas New Energy Group has begun building an integrated solar combined-cycle (ISCC) trough solar power plant in Gaoshawo, Yanchi county, Ningxia, China. The project represents the first ISCC trough solar demonstration project in Asia, according to the company.

The ISCC power station, which will be constructed in collaboration with North China Power Engineering and Siemens, is expected to begin operations in October 2013. With an investment of RMB2.25 billion (approximately $346 million) and a planned capacity of 92.5 MW, the power station represents an alternative to traditional trough solar power generation by adding storage facilities and co-operating with combustion turbines.

Hanas says the project integrates trough solar thermal generators with gas turbine generators to create the trough ISCC system, which increases thermal efficiency by 70% to 80% by fully using solar energy as the source of low- and medium-temperature heating, and high-temperature flue gas generated by natural-gas power generation as the source of high-temperature heating.

The project's system output changes are designed to be consistent with grid peaks and dips and are closer to the traditional thermal power generation than other CSP plants, allowing for easier grid connection and management, the company adds.

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