Hawaii Enacts 100% Renewable Portfolio Standard


Gov. David Ige, D-Hawaii, signed a bill into law that mandates state utilities to procure 100% of their electricity from renewable energy sources, making Hawaii the first U.S. state to require such a mandate.

H.B.623, ‘Relating To Renewable Standards,’ increases Hawaii's renewable portfolio standard to 30% by 2020; 70% by 2040; and 100% by 2045. The legislation was introduced in January by Rep. Chris Lee, D-District 51, and chairman of the House Energy and Environmental Protection committee.

‘As the most oil dependent state in the nation, Hawaii spends roughly $5 billion a year on foreign oil to meet its energy needs,’ Ige says. ‘Making the transition to renewable, indigenous resources for power generation will allow us to keep more of that money at home, thereby improving our economy, environment and energy security. I'd like to thank the Senate and House Energy Committee chairs for championing H.B.623 and ensuring that Hawaii remains a national leader in clean energy.’

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